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同义句转换,考察的就是同义句型:1.will(shall)do(现在将来时,多表示自然规律) begoingtodo(打算,计划,准备,多表示计划好的事情) 例句:(1)itwillbefridaytomorrow.(2)theywillhaveanexamintwoweeks.(3)




don't very much = hardly every exercise = work out all the time = always do well in =be good at' does not have a job = be looking

展开全部1.=What's wrong?=What's the trouble2.=Mark says that new cars are worse than old ones.=Mark says that old cars are better than new ones.3.=What Charles said was believed by himself.4.=If you don't work hard,you won't be able to pass

1A Can you tell me how to go to the bus top?1B Can you tell me the way to the bus stop?2. I can take a bus to the bank3. At the second turning on the right4. Excuse me, is there a hospital no far away?5. How can I get to the bank?6. People give their money to me.

1.Why not help her?2.My mother gives me money.3.Did you have a good time last Sunday?4.What about taking part in the football game?5.Exuse me,can you tell me the way

句型转换主要把握的有两点:疑问词(What How )时态(ago yesterday) 当然还有一些同义句转换 How's the weather? = What's the weather like ? 像这样的题,你只需要记住What 中一定带like 而How 则没有,说是技巧,不如说是规律啊!只要自己多注意词与词之间的联系,就可以了!


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