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高中 英语 阅读理解 讲到关于动物与人类的如何交流...

The difference between human communications and animal communications First, in a human's point of view, human language makes more sense. No matter what la棱操谷鬲咐叉栓常兢nguage it is, it is usual that you can make a rough sense

Save Animals ---- 拯救动物As we all know, animals are our friends. We must take good care of them. Animals can bring us happiness. When you keep a pet, you can observe how he grows up and you can play with him. But you must feed him every


Saving Land for Endangered Animals There is only so much land on the earth, and so what we can do with it is limited. Some people believe that human needs for farmland, housing and industry should come first, while others believe that some land

懂得人与动物的关系及保护动物的重要性:I know the improtance of the relationship between human and animals, as well as animal protectation. 听说动物园里有的动物濒临灭绝:I heard about the animal in the zoo has become an endangered species.I want to know what can I do to help them?

Jokes About Animal A cat with suspected Multiple Personality Disorder: As an experienced veterinary psychologist, I have treated many cats for a wide variety of conditions, including Feline Factitious Disorder (F.F.D.), Siamese Schizophrenia,

2 动物不是人类的朋友的英语作文 回答 2 3 人类的毛发与其他灵长类动物的毛发相比有什么特点? 回答 2 4 小学生作文假如这世界上没有动物,人类会怎样?200字. 回答 2 5 小学生作文假如这世界上没

Rats can use the rhythm of human language to tell the difference between Dutch and Japanese, researchers in Spain reported.Their study suggests that animals, especially mammals, evolved some of the skills underlying the use and development of

【参考答案】1. 低沉 急促 迟钝 危险 逼近 定居 2. 猴子:“汪汪”叫遇见豹子 发出低沉的喉音瞧见秃鹫 吐出急促的“嘶嘶”声碰上逼近的毒蛇 大雁:发出迟钝的“嗒嗒”声平安无事 发出尖锐的“叽叽”声唤醒雁群,时刻准备转移3. 第1段:动物学家发现,猴子、大雁等动物都会用不同的声音交流、报告情况. 第3段:掌握动物的语言在科学技术的许多研究领域大有可为.4. 掌握动物的语言在科研领域大有可为.如鸟类学家在大森林中播放表示欢迎的鸟类语言,吸引了大批益鸟在森林中定居,可以有效的保护森林资源;可以利用播放表示危险的“嘟嘟”的鱼类语言吓跑影响渔轮作业的调皮捣蛋的大海豚.5. 奇妙的动物语言纯手打,望采纳,谢谢!!~

英语作文 人与动物(The man and animals) As is often read in the newspaper reports, wild life especially the rare species is threatened with extinction. Human beings are making attempts to hunt wild animals for a big profit., which, of course,


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