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:ž. :[l][li][l] : :KJFG [ l ] Ӣmile,һ.ӢƳ

ߴ ߴ ž ž

ޡ ž 桢 ࡢ ¡ ࡢ ֨ ݵǡ ž ݡ ߴ ߴ ¡ ߴ б ߴ깡 ¬ ,ȵ.

ޡա ž ¡աࡢ ¬桢

Щ :žࡢ¡ࡢ桢ߴ깡֨ݡбž¬աߴ

lli-ll [scattered; scat tered; sporadic; dribble in and out; straggle along] ϡ衢ɢʱʱ ʱѵ,˼ lli-lulu [verbose and unclear in speech;rambling and indistinct in

: ¬ žžݡա бݵǡ桢 ߴߴߴࡢߴߴ깡 ࡢޡ

б li li wi xiŤŤ;˼.

ߴ ߴ ž ž

¬ ߴ ߴ ž ž ߴ ߴ ߴ ֨ ݵ б

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