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next或者 the next

例句 I want you to teach me .同义句 I would like you to teach me .I want you to be my teacher .例句 I go to school on foot .同义句 I walk to school .

i wanted a penfriend in china i have wanted a penfriend in china.would you like some tea with milk?do you want some tea with milk?this book isn't the same as that one.this book is different from that one.my age is 12.he'sage is 12,too.i am 12.so is he.

he likes green best(同义句)his favorite/ favourite color/ colour is greenwe are going to the shop tomorrow?(对 the shop划线提问)where are you going tomorrow ?he wants to play the piano this afternoon.(对the piano划线提问)what does he


1. She does housework at the weekends. (改为否定句) 2. Mike runs as fast as Ben. (改为一般疑问句) 3. I get up at six thirty every day. (用yesterday afternoon替代every day) 4. Nancy is good at English and Maths. (对画线部分提问) 5.

1How like 2dislikes 3How about 4like best 5is from 6showed to me 7want to watch 8What about watching 9tries his best in danger 10don't care

1. why does he not go to school?2. where are you have lunch?3. I walk to school.

1.It is time to go to school.It (is time for) school.2.There are two windows in my bedroom. My bedroom (has) two windows.3.What does your father do? What (is) your father's (

1. My father is a doctor of NO.1 People's Hospital.翻译:我爸爸是第一人民医院的一名医生.2. The children will fly to the USA. 翻译:孩子们将飞往美国.望采纳!

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