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In recent years, the creativity of college students is always mentioned because of the fact that it is generally accepted that college students are largely deficient of the creative abilities. It seems that an increasing amount of the students are merely

No air means death. Although we can't see it, there is air round us.So air is everywhere and it gives life to every living thing. Without it we can't live. Bad air makes people ill.We must have fresh air to keep ushealthy. In the city there are a great many

How to cultivate our creativity?It's true that maybe cultivating creativity is difficult to most of the people.Many ways are for this while we can't realize them.cultivating creativity is indeed of great importance to the whole society.What can we do to acquire

创新的重要性The Importance of Creation(来源:互联网 ) In the past, people tend to keep on the rail. No matter who doesn't follow the rules, he would be criticized by the public opinion. Nowadays, with the rapid development of our society, more


一般 有极大得分点:1. 题目要特别:可以标题就亮出自己的观点;或者用一些比较独特的谚语什么的.2. 三段论:第一段说官话,稍微说几句后,最后一句亮出自己观点;第二段展开说,把自己的观点分成几小点(2-3个为佳),逐一分析,最

my daily life during weekdays, i am busy, because i must go to school. i usually get up at 6:30 a.m.. and then i do some washing. after that, i will have my breakfast at 6:50. i usually go to school at 7:15. now, i can go to school and come home by


思维是推动群体行为的一种强大的能动力,培养大学生创新性思维就成了培育创新型人才的第一把钥匙. 课堂上讲课过程中进行恰当的引导,培养大学生多角度的思维方式,这是最基本的一项措施. 一要不畏常规,敢于超越.创新是真正意义

设置bai作文问题:比如说how to keep healthy这篇作文1、why should we keep healthy2、how to keep healthy这些问题对这篇作文都是可行du的.老师不要zhi提醒学生dao,尽量让学生思考,实在想不出来了,可以稍稍点拨一下,不要全点.因为考场版是孩子上去而不是老师上去.懂了权吗?懂了给采纳!!!


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