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What time do you usually go to school?What do you usually do on the weekends?What time do you eat dinner?

My teacher comes from Canada.提问地点Where is your teacher comes from ?


1、Who has this bed?2 where does John usually have lunch?3. what's the weather like in spring and fall in Shanghai?

1.Does Eddie need some glue? 2.What have you break? 3.Does Kitty want any paper ?Yes,she does. 4.Which teacher is Miss Fang. 5.Which food do rabbits like, carrots or sausages? 6.Which day is the first day of new year? 7.Peter goes to school by bus.

英语吗? 希望帮到你 应该可以 第一部分:对划线部分提问1、对“地点”提问用where. 如:(1).They are studying Chinese in China.→ Where are they studying

对划线部分提问练习题1 That is a bike. 2 My name is Li Ping. 3 She is Rose. 4 My pen is in the bag. 5 Jim is a teacher. 6 Wei Hua is my sister. 7 The bag is four dollars. 8 It's six o'clock . 9 My birthday is No




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