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一般疑问句 所有的一般疑问句都以be动词,助动词,情态动词开头,一般用yes或no来回答,读时用升调1 Are you tired?---Yes,I am.2 Does she like music?---No,she doesn't3 Are you from France?4Did he come late?5ARE you a stdent?二 特殊

一般疑问句 Are you from China你来自中国?Is her sister doing her homework now她的妹妹做作业了吗?Does he work in a bank他在银行工作吗?Do you live near your school你住在你们学校附近吗?Can you speak French你会讲法语

肯定句 一般疑问句 肯否回答I am a student. Are you a student? Yes, I am/No,I am not.She is a teacher. Is she a teacher? Yes, she is/No ,she isn'tHe can swim very well. Can he swim very well Yes, he can/No,he can'tShe will fly to NewYork tomorrow.

1.ken watered the plants last week. 否定句:ken didn't water the plants last week. 一般疑问句: did ken water the plants last week? 肯定回答:yes,he did. 否定回答:no,he did not. 2.nancy went to school early this morning. 否定句:nancy didn

Is it a map of China? yes,it is.Am I wrong again? yes,you are.Is it your bicycle? Yes, it is. How old are you? im ten years old

选择疑问句(alternative questions)一般提出两种或两种以上的可能,问对方选择哪一种.其结构可用一般疑问句,也可用特殊疑问句,供选择的两部分由or连接,前者用升

What are you doing? I am doing sth.我只知道这个

1Are you Chinese?No,I'm not.2Are they dancing?Yes,they are.3Are you free now?Yes,I'm. 4Are you a student? No,I'm not. 5Are you a nurse? Yes,I am.6Are they painting?Yes,they are.7Are your sisters Americans? Yes,they are.8Are your brothers

1. Are you a student?你是一个学生吗?2. Do you walk to school? 你步行去学校吗3. Is she a worker?她是一个工人吗?4. Is he a doctor?他是一个医生吗?5. Are you a teacher?你是一个老师吗?6. Do you go to school by bike?你骑自行车上学吗?7. Do you get up early?你起得早吗?8. Is this a book? 这是一本书吗?9. Do you like English?你喜欢英语吗?10. Are they your friends?他们是你的朋友吗?


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