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一首英文歌 歌词我只记得高潮部分是:oh kiss mE BABy oh kiss mE to hE...

男女对唱英文歌,歌词里有he baby say 只记得这一句_百度He called me baby, baby All night long Used to hold and kiss me Till the dawn Then one day I awoke And he was

找一首英文歌!!!男的唱的有点难找 我猜是Skank Dog 的 Oh Baby( So crazy ) 吧

求一首英文歌 很多年前的 就记得节奏挺欢快 是女唱的个人建议如果你记得当初的旋律的情况下,可以试试有手机登录酷狗语音识别搜索或者用微信的摇一摇歌曲试试

歌只记得一句he said i love baby oh oh oh~pretty boy

中间高潮部分大概是henao to me he nao to me是什么Tried to melt you Made believe you Wanted me too Oh that you wanted me too .Hey now, hey now You take it away Love

出名的英文歌。我只记得一句歌词“He once was a trueRemember me to one who lives there She once was a true love of mine Tell her to make me a cambric shirt Parsley,sage

一首伤感类的女声英文歌。里面有he we le so fay ma。记得Tus ojos me miraron Tus labios me besaron Con ese fuego ardiente Ardiente de mujer La luz de tu mirada El fuego de

有一首英文歌,只记得歌词,好像是because he felt it toCome on baby Help me, someone to confide in I'll get inside you Now you're begging me to stay My life has changed

歌词高潮部份为:just one to be he这部份音很高_百度to blame but i would give my heart and make our peace with god one last dance with youoh yearoh yeah

我听过一首英文歌,一男一女唱的,女的唱的是神马oh ma he肯定是这首歌《my humps》是The Black Eyed Peas(黑眼豆豆)唱的,是个组合 你听听是不是,满意采纳!


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