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英语笔友mAry,最近因为肥胖而烦恼,你写信安慰她 用英语写英语

英语笔友mary,最近因为肥胖而烦恼,你写信安慰她English pen pal Mary, recently because of obesity and trouble, you write to comfort her英语笔友mary,最近因为肥胖而烦恼,你写信安慰她English pen pal Mary, recently because of obesity and trouble, you write to comfort her

Good habits are good for the health.Every morning we'd better get up early and do morning exercises before having breakfast.Taking a walk after supper is also important.It is not good to watch TV too long and go to bed too late.So try to have more


Dear Tom,Hello.This is Li Hua.Thank you for your letter.I am sorry to hear that you are becoming fatter and fatter now.But don't worry,Tom.I would like to give you some advice.As a matter of fact,being fat is nothing serious,so there is no need to be

Dear John,Sorry to hear you are feeling sad about your overweight problem.I am writing to you because I have learned some potentially helpful ways from a famous health blog.

Please do not spend time with delinquent youths. They have a lot of bad habits, that will influence you negatively. It is very important to be careful to keep good company. Otherwise, they might peer pressure you into doing things that are bad for you.

Don't be so upset about your body every day .Just face it ,be yourself .I think you should do more exercise every day and keep on it . Next , try to eat less day by day .Finally , everybody is different , you needn't be like anyone else .You should learn to

你好, 简,听说了你很苦恼发胖,作为好朋友的我建议你最好晚上不吃饭,就会停止发胖了,你就试试看吧.

Dear Mery, How are you doing today? I hope you can die. You want to know why? Because you are a sonofbitch that stoles my boyfriend. You nigger I hate you! Stupid asshole! So how's my boyfriend? Is he having sex with you? Shit! Lives are hard to

Dear Tommy,I am really feeling bad that you are being troubled by overweight these days. I have read an article about overweight kids. It is said that overweight kids don't exercise enough or ea

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