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You can catch sight of a tall building in the distance .You may come to see anytime you want .祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!有问题追问!谢谢!:)

1、in the distance 1)释义:在远处2)例句 I watched him until he disappeared in the distance. 我瞧着他直到他在远处消失.2、at a distance 1)释义:在远处;有相当距离2)例句 Because of you, I always kept girls around me at a distance. 因

within就是一个介词,有“在里面;不超过”的意思;in也是一个介词,意思有很多,但大多为“在~里面”,他们的区别从意思上来区分,这就要你看题自己体会了介词可以接名词,代词和动名词 接名词和代词的例子有很多,for example:i'll be coming within an hour这是接名词;接代词就是将名词换成代词就行了,within it;动名词就要等你学了非谓语再慢慢讲,反正所有的介词后都可以接动名词,如:within doing作副词时,,意思是“在内, 在里面, 在屋内;在内心”如:the house has been painted within and without.房子内外都油漆过了.

是不是打错了,应该是 for instance 而不是 for distance for instance = for example,意思是“例如,比如;拿 来说”,用在句中做独立成分,和句中其他成分用标点符号隔开,表示例举.再如:You cannot rely on her; for instance, she arrived an hour late for an important meeting yesterday. 她这人靠不住. 例如昨天一个重要会议, 她迟到了一个小时.

in the distance 在远处 keep one's distance 保持疏远 long-distance call 长距离通话

走过.路程[eg.]a good cyclist can cover distance of over a hundred miles a day 自行车骑得好的人一天可以行驶一百多英里

keep one's distance 保持疏远long distance call 长途电话in the distance 在远处from/ at a distance 从远处

可数名词 at a distance 在远处 eg1)your dess looks all right at a distance

A micrometer is one thousandth of one millimeter.(一微米是一毫米的千分之一.)Scale and distance were indeterminable. (大小和距离都无法确定.)Life isn 't fair-don 't compare with or be jealous of others.(生活并不是公平的不要比较也不要嫉妒别人.)

at a distance 相距,相隔,稍远处 例句1:At a distance of six miles you can't see much.例句2:You can see the picture clearly if you stand at a distance.


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