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有一首英文歌歌词有shE wAnts to BE, shE is BEAutiFul求什么歌


会不会是 Bruno Mars Just the way you are 歌词:Oh her eyes, her eyes哦,她的眼睛 Make the stars look like they're not shining让星星看起来失去光泽 Her hair, her hair她的头发,她的头发 Falls perfectly without her trying不须整理完美般的垂

http://music.qq.com/miniportal/static/album/51/album_46451_1.html可以去听下欧美男歌手andrew w.k.的 she is beautiful

歌曲:the most beautiful girl歌手:nu flavor 专辑:it's on [ti: the most beautiful girl][ar: nu flavor][al: it's on][by:爪哇龟][00:-07.52]nu flavor - the most beautiful girl [00:-03.52](lyrics by 爪哇龟@maxrnb)[00:-00.52]maximal r b - the freshest hottest r b hip

Used To Be My GirlYea, I feel sexy right thereYea, feel us on this oneB. McKnight, we're Tim & BobThis is not another love songV1See, I know what you're thinkin'You're feelin' like a lucky guyI was the same way'cause she was hard to

你说的这歌就叫SHE,Groove Coverage唱的还有她的Far Away From Home,god is a girl也很经典哦

就是《she is beautiful》吧.

艾薇儿的i will be

Groove Coverage的《she》 She hangs out every day near by the beach Having a Heineken falling asleep She looks so sexy when she's walking to sand Nobody ever put a ring on her hand Swim to the oceanshore fishing the seaShe is the story,

Give Me Love Your Way -Cliff Richard Got every reason to feel like I do From the top of my head to the bottom of my shoes'Cos last night my baby took the weight off my mind Told me everything was gonna be fine She said she loved me I'm never



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