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be used to (1) 被用做..be used to do The quilt is used to keep warm. (2)习惯..be/get used to doing He has got used to new enviroments. be used for +名词/动名词 The quilt is used for keeping warm. used to do (did something very often in the past)

used to + 动词原形 过去常常 be use to+现在分词 被习惯于 be use for+现在分词 被用作 use freedoms with sb. 对某人放肆 use one's loaf 好好想想;动动脑筋 use sth up 用尽 used up 筋疲力尽

be used to do曾经做某事 be used to doing习惯于做某事 use sth to do用某物做 use sth for doing同上

used to do sth 过去常常做某事be used to do sth 被用于做某事be used to doing sth 习惯做某事..望采纳,谢谢

be used to do 表示被用来做 be used to doing 表示习惯做 uesd to do表示过去常常做

be used as 被当作用 be used for 被用来干= be used to do be used to doing 习惯做=get used to it's no use doing sth 做是没用的. sth is of use to sb 某物对于某人很用用. come into use 开始使用 make use of 使用、利用.注意区分被动形式,和作为词组的区分

一般常用的就这三种1.be used to doing sth.(习惯于做某事) I'M USED TO HAVING A CUP OF TEA IN THE MORNING. 我习惯每天早上和杯咖啡. 2.used to do sth.(过去常常做谋事) I USED TO LOVE HER. 我曾经很爱她. 3.be used to do sth.(被用来做某事) THIS SHEET IS NOW USED TO COVER THE BASKET. 这张被单现在用来盖篮子.

be used for doing 、be used to doing 和be used to do 是三个考试常见的词组,但容易用错,其用法如下:be used for doing 表示“某物被使用于…” Computers are used for collecting and storing information. 计算机用于收集和储存信息.be

1)used to do 过去常常做 I used to read newspapers last year.2)be used to doing sth= be accustomed to sth/doing sth 习惯于做某事 I am used to going to company by bus.我习惯于乘车去公司.I am accustomed to the weather here.我已经适应了这里的天气了.3)be used to do 被用来做(表示被动) Wood is used to make paper.木头被用来造纸.

sb. used to do sth. 过去常常做某事 sb. be/get used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事 sb. be used to sth./sb. 对某事、某人很熟悉 sth. be used for (doing) sth. / sth. be used to do sth.某物被用来做某事 used cars/clothes 里的used是 二手的(second-hand) 的意思

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