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是这样,首先agreed作为形容词的时候有一个用法:agreed = determined by common consent = in agreement 主语必须是双方的,也就是类似we are , they are agreed (sometimes on sth.)才对这是其一.如果你查一下任何一本权威一点的英英词

agree [ri:] vt. & vi.同意, 赞同 I asked him to come with me and he agreed.我请他和我一起来, 他同意了.vi.相同, 相符, 一致 The essential thing is that the two of you ought to agree.根本的问题是你们俩应意见一致.(气候、食物等)适

英语翻译:The committee agreed that his papers deserved a wider circulation because of their essential and fundamental interest to a larger audience. 委员会一致认为,他的论文应该得到更广泛的发行,因为他们的基本利益和更大的受众.


翻译如下:勉强reluctantly; grudgingly; manage with an effort; do with difficulty; after a fashion都可以.例句:他同意了,但很勉强.He agreed, but with reluctance.


冰释前嫌 = let bygones be bygones(bygones 是指过去;整句是"过去的就让它过去" 通常指的是过往的不愉快/嫌隙.) 冰释前嫌 become reconciled 举例子: 卡尔最后与女朋友冰释前嫌,甜蜜的复合了.Finally, Carl and his girlfriend agreed to let bygones be bygones, and they reunited sweetly.

Agreement verb:promise arrange appoint engage

正确答案是Agree to sth放心采纳

同意某人做某事用英语agree sb to do sth

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