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as well as是就远原则.当as well as连接并列主语时(多数可理解为插入语,有无逗号均可),句中谓语动词的数应该和真正的主语,也就是as well as前面的主语,保持一致,即就远原则.例:Halen, as well as his brothers, has gone abroad.海

as well as以下的用法:She called on you as well as I. 不但我来看你,她也拜访了你.She called on you as well as me. 她不但拜访了我,也拜访了你.在下列句中,as well as

就远原则 ①Whathedoesorwhathesaysdoesnotconcernme.他的行为或言谈都与我无关. ②NeitheryounorIamwrong.你和我都没错. ③Notyoubutyourfatheristoblame.不是你

因为真正的主语是as well as 前面的那个,所以做语法题时可以直接把as well as 忽略掉.

as well as 没有就近原则.由as well as 连接的复合主语并不影响谓语动词的数.例如: Helen as well as I is eager to see the performance. 海伦和我一样急于要看演出. as well as 可连接并列的单

非常好.My wife,as well as our three children,is going on holiday next week.

as well和aswellas的区别很简单 前者起副词作用 可看作副词 后者起连词作用 可视为连词

as well as 强调前者"A as well as B" 做主语时,则主语根据A如:The teacher as well as the students is friendly.


不是遵循就近原则,是与with 或者 as well as 前面的主语保持一致,比如:The teacher with her students 【is】coming.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)


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