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音译歌词(转自音译歌词吧@翊★羽 转载注明) Trouble Maker - Attention 依力哇依力哇 依力哇依力哇 依力哇依力依力 依力哇依力依力 依力哇依力依力 依力哇依力依力 hey 洗干哭几吗够哇 吧力内给咯哇就 依力哇 hey 模哈够依嫩够呀 babe 党

what's gonna do attention hey hey what's gonna do hey hey what's gonna do Attention Attention Attention A A Attention hey hey what's gonna do hey hey what's gonna do Attention Attention Attention A A Attention hey stop 梦求吧 内噶 他也 怒股噶

You were a child 当你小时候 Crawling on your knees toward him 围着爸爸爬来爬去 Making momma so proud 妈妈欣慰的在旁边看着 But your voice is too loud 你咿呀的声音非常洪亮 We like to watch you laughing 我们喜欢看你笑 Picking insects off of plants 一起给小植物捉虫子 No time to think of consequences 没时间去想以后

Attention 歌手:Charlie Puth 所属专辑:Voicenotes You've been running round, running round, running round throwing that dirt all on my name 你总在四处兜圈 到处撒野 还把所有污名都扣我头上 Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I'd call

attention 英['tenn] 美['tnn] n. 1.注意, 专心, 留心 2.殷勤, 厚待 3.兴趣;关注 4.特别照料(或行动、处理) 5.立正姿势 interj. 1.立正 2.注意


You Have My Attention-Copeland你让我着迷 - Copelandquiet now 现在很安静 your voice sings miles away 你在远方歌唱somehow i hear your song resound我似乎听到你歌声的回响a little bit softer each day 日益轻柔from my tired heart 而我疲倦的

歌曲:爱,很简单 演唱:陶 下载: http://g.top100.cn/12174704/html/download.html?id=s604ca35c95079d54

automatic (automatic echo x3) automatic (echo x3) you're automatic and your hearts like an engine i die with every beat you're automatic and your voice is electric but do i still believe? it's automatic every word in your letter the lie connects the

attention[00:17.17]I'm trying to tell you[00:19.11]I'm trying to know you[00:21.23]I'm dying to show you[00:23.25]Fighting to get you[00:24.73][00:25.36]Soon as you got me[00:27.55]You go and drop me[00:29.58]It's cool when you burn me[00:31.54]


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