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BE Angry At sB

I Was Angry At My Classmate.,请采纳.


对某事生气 有个更长的,be angry with sb at sth, with后面接人,at后面接事. be angry at+名词(对气愤); be angry with+某人(生某人的气); be angry about+名词或名词化的动名词(对感到气愤). angry at sth.与angry about sth.的区别: angry at指在事情发生时很气愤;而angry about则指在事情发生后已一段时间仍很气愤. be (get) angry with sb. 生某人的气.

be angry at sb. with sth.

没有多大区别 但我们通常用be angry with sb 和be angry at sth

都对 be angry at sb.for sth.因生某人的气 be angry with sb.生某人的气

be angry with [英][bi: ri wi][美][bi ri w] 对(某人)生气; 网络 生气; 气恼; 生某人的气; 双语例句1 Parents had better not often be angry with children.父母最好不要经常对孩子发脾气.be angry at [英][bi: ri t][美]

angry的用法如下:be angry at+名词(对气愤); be angry with+某人(生某人的气); be angry about+名词或名词化的动名词(对感到气愤).angry at sth.与angry about sth.的区别:angry at指在事情发生时很气愤;而angry about则指在事情发生后已一段时间仍很气愤.be (get) angry with sb.生某人的气.be angry at/about sth. 因某事

be angry with sb 对某人生气be angry at 对某人之言行生气be angry about sth 对某事生气

be angry with sb about sth要么就是be angry at sth希望可以帮到你~


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