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BE BAD For造句七年级

Too much salt can be bad for you. 食用过多的盐对你身体不好.

It's bad for your eyes to read in the sun 在阳光下看书有害于你的眼睛

junk food is bad for the health.无营养食品对健康不好

sweets Are bad for our tooth 糖对我们的牙齿有害

it is bad for me to go to bed too late.

It is good for us to eat healthy food 吃健康的食品对我们有好处 Reading in the sun is bad for our eyes 在阳光下读书有害于我们的眼睛

应该是be bad for吧例如:Smoking is bad for the health.

Sugar is bad for health.Too much salt is bad for health.

Eat fruit is good for you.(be good for)I am good at playing basketball.(be good at)Don't drink water is bad for you.(be bad for)已经尽量简单了,嗯,谢谢!

Eating junk food is bad for your health. 吃垃圾食品对你的健康有害. be bad for 对有害


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