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BE CrEDitED with

be credited with 被记入;被信用 这种句型是信任某人.相信[认为](某人)有(某种业绩、优点) [例句] China even exacerbated the credit problem with securitization, just like we did, spreading potentially toxic loans around to investors.与美国当年的情形类似,证券化使中国的信贷问题进一步复杂化,它将潜在的有毒贷款风险传递给了投资者.

be credited with 把归功于;认为(有某种成就)

be credited with 把…归功于;被认为;对……有功例句筛选1.these scientists are cautious about the extent to which animals can becredited with conscious processing.这些科学家谨慎的处理关于动物可以相信神志清楚.2.immediately after such transaction over the internet, the recipient's account inchina will be credited with the funds.网上该交易以后,中国的接收者的帐户将立即存入资金.


credit with 这里应该是下面第三种意思:1. 归功于[亦作credit to]:She credited herself with the discovery.她把那项发现归功于她自己.2. 把…记入贷方[亦作credit to]:She credited your account with the amount of the cheque.她把支票款项记入你的账

be connected with 与相连/联系; [英][bi: knektd wi][美][bi knktd w]

be credited for 被誉为 例句1. No Bonus Point will be credited by the Bank for any of such fees.本行将不对该等手续费给予任何奖赏积分.2. Our packing charge includes $ for the drum, which sum will be credited on return.包装费中有#美元是包装桶的费用, 此费用在桶还给我们时可退回.

你所说的是对的 connected with是和什么东西有什么关联和关系 如:he is connected with the murder case他和杀人事件有关 connected to 是和什么东西连接起来的意思 如:this wire is connected to the computer这个电线和电脑连接在一起 那题在问:我在想哪一个国家和印第安海洋有关系 所以,D是对的.

be treated with 以……对待;.

be connected to和be connected with的主要区别: 这两个短语都是被动结构: 1、be connected to :把连上,例如,Please connect the computer to the Internet. 2.be connected with :把与连接起来.例如,It serves as a bridge which

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