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BE sEEn As造简单句

A journey can be seen as either a task or an event.一段路程既可以看作是一项工作也可以看作是一件事.This could be seen as a good deal all around.这被周遭看成是一笔很大的交易.采纳我吧(3)

名词或动名词 再看看别人怎么说的.

be seen to do sth.表示表示动作经常发生或被观看全过程. (对比:be seen doing sth.强调被看到时动作正在进行.) 比如:I saw him get on the bus.-->He was seen to get on the bus.(他上车的整个过程我都看到了.) He was seen to steal

be known as 中文释义: 作为…而闻名遐迩,被称为… 英语句子 A tree is known by its fruit 观其行而知其人 A tree is known by its fruit 观其行而知其人 Every tree is known by its own fruit 观其言行,知其为人 Every tree is known by its own fruit 观其言行,知其为人 Having no known father;illegitimate.不知道父亲的;私生的

1.we are all concernde for her safety.我们都为她的安全担心.2.concerned parentss held a meeting忧心忡忡的家长们开了一场家长会3.as for as iknow,he is diligent.就我所知,他很勤勉.4.was today as good for you as it was for me.你今天过的和我一样好么.

be regarded as - 被公认为 例 : This should be regarded as an important principle. 这被公认为为一条重要的原则.be seen as - 被看作/被视为 例 : The disaster was seen as a judgement from on high. 这一灾难被视为上天的惩罚.

be defined as The play can be defined as a stage in the theater arts.舞台剧,能定义为呈现于舞台的戏剧艺术.Physics can be defined simply as the study of matter and motion.简单地说,物理学被定义为是一门研究物质运动的学科.

He hides behind the door,so he is invisible(so he can't be seen)The prospect of this new product is invisible (……can't be seen)The building is invisible in heavy fog(The building can't be seen in heavy fog)

她被认为是镇上最好的医生,每天她接受很多病人.regard as把视为; 认为是

he is known as good man he is known as a coutry man he is known as a kind hearted man he is known as a college boy he is known as a well-known scientist.


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