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1、in,[n].prep:采用(某种方式);穿着;adv:在家;进入,到达;流行;当选;adj:在内的,朝内的;在位的,执政的;[口语]流行的,时髦的;(车等)到站的;n:执政党,掌权者;知情者;例句:We spent a few days in a hotel.我们

behind 作为介词:He hid behind a tree 他躲在一棵树后面.behind 作为副词:As I looked behind,my feet crashed into a basket.我看了身后,我的脚撞到了篮筐

We are behind the cinema

behind 音标:|bhand| 有介词,副词,名词三种词性,多种含义.双语造句:■■介词 ■at or towards the back of sb/sth, and often hidden by it or them 在(或向)…的后面;在(或向)…的背面 例句:Who's the girl standing behind Jan?站

what's your name? My name is Lucy. What's this? This is a pen. Where are you? I'm in Shanghai. Where are you from? Icome from Ningbo. When will you finish your homework? I will finish it at 8 p.m. When will you go Shanghai? I will go there tomorrow

what is your name. I am li . where are you from . I come from China. When did you come here? I came here when I was a kid .

He is behind me.因为behind是介词,I是人称代词,介词后的人称代词用宾格,I的宾格是me.所以是He is behind me.

Will it rain tomorrow ?Maybe.Does your son like the car?Maybe, I'm not sure.

-- Does she like to ask questions? 她喜欢提问吗?肯定回答:-- Yes,she does. 是的她喜欢.否定回答:-- No,she doesn't. 不,她不喜欢.

don't fall behind now,just when you are doing so well .


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