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ComE For A visit造句

come for a visit 来参观; [例句]You say you might even come for a visit.你说你甚至有可能回来探访我们.We thought she'd come for a visit, but it seems she's staying for good. 我们本以为她只是来看一下就走,可是看起来她似乎要在这里一直待下



He will definitively come for a visit.

come for a visit 中的 visit 的确就是名词.如果要表示“去哪里的参观”,visit 后面要加上介词 to


This afternoon we're going to visit a friend in hospital. 今天下午我们将去探望一位住院的朋友. Amy will come down and visit with you for a couple of days. 艾米会来你这儿作客住上几天.

would you come to a party for li ming

务 必 光 临

Very few people come for a visit in this season.


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