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36.A.推理判断题. 根据下文Merrows are Irish fairy mermaids(美人鱼).,可知本处"以下是几篇神话故事"统领全文,符合语境.故选A.37.G.推理判断题.根据上句中的

61、选A 因为Sam thinks the world will be……But Jean doesn't agree with him62、选C从这里because there will be no fuel in the world得知63、选B意思是Jean 不同意“他”的观点64、选D从这里We'll have chea

1.F 2006Germany2.F Each team had more than five hundred players文章中说超过500人,题目中说大约500人3.F there were hundreds of thousands of people went to the games or watched them on TV day and night

The summer that Greg is going to have will be his worst summer ever beginning with him and his best friend Rowley Jefferson going to his country club after school closes for the summer, but Greg is kicked out, because he complained of even the

胸毛 [词典] chest hair; [例句]我女儿就是痴迷于那些胸毛浓密的男子.My daughter is just gaga over men with hairy chests.


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