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deforestation是什么意思她说她的材料更廉价、更坚固,而且更绝缘,可以减少采伐森林。[其他]形近词: disforestation reforestation afforestation

砍伐用英语怎么说fell 砍倒(树等);砍伐 cut down 砍伐;减少 砍伐森林 disafforest disafforestation 砍伐 fell hag lop chopping down trees

急求翻译of science, there are much more increase of autoes, emission of waste gas, decrease of trees (due to disafforestation),

好,一点也不可怜,一点都不,所以请停止这种愚蠢的行为英文Environment protection will be one of the ongoing design topics for the next decades of years.What should we do next?First

翻译翻译翻译!!不要谷歌有道!!Environment protection will be one of the ongoing design topics for the next decades of years. What should we do next?

英语作文题材:is someone who takes excessive arrests and kills to make a profit and at the same time the problem of disafforestation

求教高手改一下我写的这篇六级作文,谢谢!the popularity of Low-carbon lifestyle even can protect most of the woods from disafforestation.Additionally.such lifestyle

请问:防沙林都需要种些什么树木。谢谢But now too many excessive disafforestation made the trees incessantly getting less. I think we should have law to protect the trees.

英语翻译环保是未来几十年不会消失的设计主题之一First stop the foolish behaviour of disafforestation!这个有没有问题?稳妥不稳妥?

新概念作文题材问题我想参加第十一届新概念作文大赛disafforestation is severe which destroy the living condition of tigers.We appeal to our govenment

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