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ethics意思是道德规范,道德标准,伦理学.1、发音:英 ['eθks], 美 ['eθks]2、例句:The ethics of his decision are doubtful.他的这一决定是否合乎道德规范值得怀疑.morals,morality,ethics3、用法: ethics多用于伦理方面,指符合于伦理学

1. 伦理学,道德学[J] Ethics deals with moral conduct.伦理学研讨道德行为.2. 伦理学著作(或论文)[J]3. 伦理观;道德标准;(某种职业的)规矩[G] The ethics of his profession do not permit him to do that.他的职业道德不容许他那样做.

Ethics Audit 网络 伦理稽核; [例句]In the forth part, we discuss some basic concepts of corporation ethics audit, including the essence, assumptions and purpose of the corporation ethics audit.第四部分探讨了企业道德审计中的几个基本概念,包括企业道德审计的本质,企业道德审计的假设以及企业道德审计的目标.

1.business ethics 商业道德 Edward does not carry over his business ethics into his personal relationships.爱德华并不把他在生意中的道德准则运用到私人关系中去.Mr Acton does not carry over his business ethics into his personal relationships.

business ethics商业伦理双语对照词典结果:business ethics商业道德; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.Do the words "business ethics" mean anything to you? 你的词典里有没有"商业道德"这个词?-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

ethics clearance的中文翻译 ethics clearance 伦理关 双语例句 1 Nyoni is currently awaiting research ethics clearance from Tanzania's National Institute for Medical Research after the US-based Foundation for AIDS Research announced a grant of US$ 114,000. 在美国艾滋病研究基金会宣布了提供11.4万美元的资助之后,Nyoni目前正在等待坦桑尼亚的国立医学研究所进行伦理审批.

work ethics [释义] 职业道德; [劳经] 工作伦理;[例句]Owing to its special traits, it is essential for the office staff to improve their abilities and work ethics.其工作有一定的特点,进而要求在工作上提高自身能力和职业道德修养.

n. 文章;物品;条款;[语] 冠词vt. 订约将收为学徒或见习生;使受协议条款的约束vi. 签订协议;进行控告


Both "morality" and "ethics" have the meaning of rules or standard for proper human conduct. A difference seems to be that "morality" also refers to the quality of a man being moral - "He's a man of morality." "Ethics" on the other


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