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Hope myself that everyting will be well in the futher. 应该是future打错了,不好意思

If possible,I'm willing to abandon and do everything for you.

everything读法:英 [evriθ] 美 [evriθ] everything释义:1、pron. 每件事物,(有关的)一切,万事;形势,情况;最重要的东西2、n. (Everything) (印、美、澳)艾维辛(人名) 短语:1、and everything 一切事物;以及其他等等2、

everything 英[evriθ]美[vriθ] goes 英[z] 美[goz]

哎 three sin . 如果是英国英文就是?哎 three fin

我记得当时看英文字幕的时上面写的是odd jobs

我尝试着忘记你 I try to forget you让一切都成为过去 Let everthing be the past成为你我的回忆 To be the memory of yours and mine我知道这是在欺骗自己 I think that is deceiving myself我不可能忘记你 I can't forget you所以我只能够对自己诚实 So I can only be honest with myself.如此美好的时光,如此美好的你 So beautiful time,you are so beautiful.

Hello! Everyone! As we all know,Nothing is difficult if we put our heart into it. The sentence tells us that attitude is everyting.For Example,If we want to get heigh marks in English ,we should spend much time on it .We can read English in the morning ,

Everyting goes well!读作:爱瑞星 购自 外偶

直译:See the double sides of everything. Don't let yourself to regret.


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