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expand[英][k'spnd][美][kspnd] vt.使…变大; 扩张; 详述; vi.扩展; 发展; 张开; 展开; 第三人称单数:expands过去分词:expanded现在进行时:expanding过去式:expanded 以上结果来自金山词霸 展开更多词典 例句:1.Will

extent是个名词,可以翻译为程度.例句:The Internet is just like a double-edged sword. Whether it does good or harm to us depends, to a great extent, on how we exploit and use it. 互联网就像一把双刃剑.它对我们有益还是有害在很大程度上取

mention D.J.[menn] K.K.[mnn] vt.提到, 说起 He mentioned them by name.他举出了他们的名字.Before closing I want to mention all those who contributed so generously.在我结束讲话的时候, 我想提一下所有慷慨捐赠的人.

satisfy 用法:(1)使义动词:满意 i'm satisfied with your answers.(形容词化)对你的回答很满意 my answers satisfied you 我的回答让你满意.my answers are satisfiying.我的回答令人满意.(2)使某人相信:convince he wanted to satisfy

settle down 安定下来. settle a deal 达成交易. all settled (i am all settled) 安排好了

gradually是副词,意思是“逐步地;渐渐地”.例句:1、Gradually I found that you are my only.(渐渐的我发现你就是我的唯一.)2、But it's not for everyone, and it should be gradually incorporated into your running program.(但并不是每个人都合适这样做. 即便合适也应当逐渐地加入到你的跑步计划中去.)

1、expend 花费, 使用(钱等)做某事 Don't expend all your time on such a useless 2 ,expand 使…变大, 扩大, 扩张 The ranks of the teachers are constantly

appeal vi1.呼吁, 要求 appeal to sb for sth.为某事向某人呼吁 appeal to sb to do sth 呼吁某人做某事 2 诉(诸),求助于 ~ to 3 (律)上诉 ~ to 4 有感染力,有吸引力 sth ~ to sb vt 控诉,把(案子)上诉 n. 呼吁,要求 an appeal to sb 告.书 make an appeal to sb (for sth) (为某事)向某人提出呼吁. 感染力,号召力 hold an appeal to sb adj. appealing adv. appealingly

adopt: [ 'dpt ] v. 采用,收养,接受 例句与用法: 1. As they had no children of their own, they adopted an orphan. 他们没有亲生儿女,就收养了一个孤儿. 2. She has been adopted as Labour candidate for York. 她被提名为约克郡的工党候选

decide 词组 decide internally 内定 ; settle decide 决定 ; 解决 decide upon 决断 ; 作出决定 decide dose 颠三倒四 decide direction 定方向 arbitrarily decide 肆意决定 group decide 群体决策 which decide 它决定 例句 then decide not to. 然后决


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