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good fun. Good acting:演技好, good story.这部电影样样都好.The sea is coated with a film of raw sewage.海上覆盖着薄薄一层未经处理的污水,故事好,非常有趣Everything about the film was good

I want to see a film

I love watching movies. I saw a film yesterday

see a film will my parents on Saturday afternoon 翻译:在星期六下午和我的父母看电影

film noir 写实电影;灰色电影(描写社会阴暗面的影片)例子别人已经列出

have a film over the eyes(患眼病的人或临死的人)两眼有一层翳pilot film(电影,电视)为争取商人出资赞助而试放的片段样片

肯定句:来 I often see a film on the weekend. (一般现在时源) I saw a film last week.(一般过知去时) I am going to see a film tomorrow.(一般将来时) I am seeing a film now.(现在进行时) 否定句:I don't often see a film on the weekend.(

last week he watched a film with his girlfriend希望能帮到你,如有疑问,可继续追问

【例句】1. In the Anti-Japanese War, many patriots sacrifice their lives for the(freedom).2. The bird(flew)away and she couldn't find it anywhere.3. The(flower) smell pretty nice.4. The country dwellers like the (foreigner) very much, and they give him a

The film is about Space travel 意思:那部电影是关于太空旅行的.

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