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She had fixed her stereo last weekendMy mother checked her teeth yesterdayTomorrow she will get her nails paintedDo you have milk delivered to your door?She needs to have her eyes testedWhen will you have your hair cut?I usually have my coat

to write (get sb. to do sth. 叫某人做某事)

get under someone's skin 全部释义和例句>>得到某人的皮肤 语法点为:get sb sth 得到某物 一、get sb.sth.属于基本句型“动词 + 间接宾语 + 直接宾语”结构.这种结构有以下几个特点:1.\x09动词是具有传递性的给予动词,如 give 给/授予,



I heard,that your settled down.我听说 你已安定下来That you,found a girl and your married now.你遇到了她,而且结了婚I heard that your dreams came true.我听说她让你的梦想实现了Guess she gave you things,I didn't give to you.我想,是她给了你

get someone else to do it 这里的get someone是 找某人,找另外一个人去做这件事这个可以用 find代替


主语:i谓语:like宾语:you介词短语like you 作someone 的后置定语


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