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givE CArE造句

你好!All you need to care about is no to give up!我的回答你还满意吗~~

1.Take care not to deviate.2.Take care not to leave anything behind.

would you care for a drink ?

I give her a pen.She gives me a book.Can you give me a hand?I will give you some bread.I won't give my book to him.Give me some help,please.Don't give me the dirty clothes.I will give my best thing to my mother.

这是一个及物动词,意思是给,可以造句如下:can you give me the pencil?can you give me the pen?I will give you help.请确认一下吧

take care of yourself! :保重!

i can take care of you我能照顾你

答案是: give out our books please!请分发我们的书.

No one would give me a lift. 谁也不愿意让我搭车.

用give speeches造句:有很多句子供你选择如下:The headmaster gives speeches to the whole school every week.I am not comfortable at giving speeches.She like giving speeches to the whole class all the time.You need a lot of preparation for giving speeches.很希望我的回答会对你有帮助.如有不明白,可以再追问,若满意请采纳,谢谢你.


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