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Nelly In My Life (Feat. Avery Storm & Mase)Yo, Turn the mic upI haven't been in here in 5 yearsAnd keep the lights onWe got companyWoooooYeeeahUh UhYeaOookI don't think they gon' really understandthis one right herre manNot at all, not

Music of My Heart - 'N SyncYou'll never know'what you've done for meWhat your faith in me'has done for my soulYou'll never know the gift you've given meI'll carry it with me'yeah yeahThrough the days aheadI'll think of days beforeYou made me hope

I Still Believe---Danny Gokey Baby One More Time --- 布兰妮

是玛丽亚凯莉的《i stay in love》吧

玛丽亚.凯瑞的《i still believe》很好听哈

Kiss--I Still Love YouYou tell me that you're leaving, and I'm trying to understandI had myself believing I should take it like a manBut if you gotta go, then you gotta know that it's killing meAnd all the things I never seem to show, I gotta make you seeGirl

《flame in my heart 》I still hear your voice我依旧能听到你的声音softly calling my name温柔的呼喊我的名字but I know my answer in vain我知道我的热血在奔涌cause I couldn t be with you因为我不能和你在一起when you needed help and rescue当

[ti:I Still …] [ar:Backstreet Boys] [al:Never Gone] [by:翻山越岭] [00:07.03]I Still … [00:09.48]backstreet boys [00:19.35]who are you now 你现在是谁 [00:22.85]are you still the same or did you change somehow 你仍然是相同的你或者你没有多少改

place nearby 歌手:lene marlin 专辑:playing my game sat by your bed all through the night and still i hear your last words to me i still can hear your voice ?是这个吗? http://mp3.baidu.com/m?f=ms&tn=baidump3&ct=134217728&lf=&rn=&word=place+nearby+&lm=-1

是爱尔兰乐队the corrs的歌 dont say you love me,我也很喜欢


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