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l was blown away词典结果l was blown away我被吹走

blown away 是惊奇,惊叹的意思,呵呵刚看到的,比如I know you would be completely blown away by the scenery.it will blow you away.i was blown away by his generosity

blown away adj 死亡的

be asleep 表示”睡着,熟睡“的状态He was asleep with his head on his arms.blow away吹去; (使) 吹掉;I was blown away by the tone and the quality of the story这个故事的基调和内容打动了我.fall asleep与be asleep的区别fall asleep强调

I was blown away by how good he was . 我被他杰出的表现彻底征服了.

意思是我被震惊了.blown away是blow away的被动语态,具体有以下意思:1、意思是使某人大吃一惊(to overwhelm a person/ knock somebody off their feet)例句:he amount of the check blew me away. 支票上的数额让我大吃一惊.2、意思

歌曲名:Blown Away歌手:Sarah专辑:Starlite DinerBlown awayBlown awayBaby I'm gonna aft blow you awayI'm blownYou make me feel like a stranger in my own houseYou got me running around just like a scared mouseYou were always saying

歌曲名:swept away (album version)歌手:lace专辑:laceflyleaf - swept awaythe evil fell from your pretty mouthwrapped in your classic voiceangelic in your syntax, demonic in your motiveyour pretty eyes don't knowthat the water flowing from this


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