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it's a good idea.

(1)Something,such as a thought or conception,that potentially or actually exists in the significance:要旨,要领:特定条件下的妙方;重要性:The idea is to finish the

he said we could have a party ,that's a great idea !

that's a great idea to go camping 谢谢采纳

I have no idea why he didn't come.我不知道他为什么没来

Please come here.I can't hear anything,That's a good idea,

1.It's a good idea to go there by bus!乘巴士去那里是个好主意!2.It's very improtant for him to work.工作对他来说很重要.

另外一个观点是,位于赤道的海洋会滚烫滚烫boiling hot 沸腾般地热 = 滚烫 boiling( 沸腾般地 = 副词,用于修饰hot的程度) hot(形容词 热)

You have no idea how much this means to me.你不会了解这件事对我来说意义是多么重大.

My name is Kitty(我的名字叫Kitty)I like go to shopping(我喜欢去购物)I have a idea(我有一个主意)Happy New Year's Day(元旦快乐)an open(一支钢笔)


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