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iDEntiFy with造句

identify with 英[aidentifai wi] 美[adntfa w] [词典] 认为…等同于; 觉得与…有联系; 支持; 同情(某人); [例句]I could speak their language and identify with their problems because I had been there myself.我会讲他们的语言,能体会他们的难处,因为我自己曾在那里呆过.

in my class, if you can combine li ming's ability with his hard work, he should be a very successful student.

identify with sb表示“与某人感同身受”英文解释为“to feel that you can understand and share sb's feelings.

1. To get the attention of…… To get the attention of his parents, the little boy began to cry loudly.为了引起父母的注意,这个小男孩开始大声哭起来.2. identify with…… Reading this book, we can identi

identify with sb同情某人双语对照词典结果:identify with sb同情某人; 网络释义1. 同情某人

food can provide energy for us.食物可以给我们提供能量.

compare with playing football,I like basketball better

be satisfied with be pleased with 都有满意高兴之意,with为介词,后面跟宾语,sth或doing sth

People decorate the streets with red flags. The family decorate the Christmas tree with glass balls and lights.

identify with中的identify因为没有 直接跟 宾语 所以是vi但我认为 identify是vt 也许省略了作宾语的反身代词I very much identify with anyone who worked as a child我认为 你的看法 是对的这句话 意思就是 ,我觉


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