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in thE FlEsh同义短语

in the neighborhood: 在附近;在邻近、在附近;街坊邻里

in the flesh本人造句1. I've got all her records but I've never seen her in the flesh.我有她的所有唱片,却从未见过她本人.2. I've seen here perform on television, but never in the flesh.我在电视上看过她的表演,但从未见过她本人.3. I have

in the least:一点;丝毫in the slightest:丝毫;根本

in the flesh本人造句1.\x09I've got all her records but I've never seen her in the flesh.我有她的所有唱片,却从未见过她本人.2.\x09I've seen here perform on television,but never in the flesh.我在电视上看

notin the slightest=not..at all


in the flesh 1. 本人,本身 2.活着的,栩栩如生的

in the flesh的意思: 以肉体形成,活生生的本人,亲自in the flesh的例句:What is bred in the bone will never crane out of the flesh.长在骨头里的东西决不会从肉里出来.Aspiring after something one is not worthy of (like a toad lusting after swan's

toghether with

in a flash of=__in a moment___=_in an instant______


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