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in the last few days 在最后几天里in the past few days 在过去的几天里 再如: in the past few years 用于现在完成时态.例:In the past few years they have been dealing with quite a few international corporations successfully. 在过去...

问题:I've had an earache for the past few days. 翻译答案::我有一个耳朵痛在过去的几天里。 对的哦

in the past few days.一般过去式, we did, he did等等 for the past few days. what had you done for the past few days.表过去完成。 和in three days。 for three days差不多 请采纳

不对,要么over the past few days,要么few days ago


我觉得 over 或 for 可行,因为fever是个持续的状态。during指在时间段中发生的(可以数次数的)事件,用在这里不太好。

先把选项中的"been"还原为正常时态的"be",后面要接"have"的某种形式,你认为是"had"还是"having"? 显然是be doing 的形式。所以选项B正确。

D 叙述过去发生的事。

是,already ,yet , since , so far(到目前为止) up to now(到目前为止) recently. in the past /last years在过去的几年中it is the first/second....time sb +现在完成时如,it is my first time I have been here.

1. In the past few days we have ____ the importance of further research in this field. A. set aside B. pulled into C. talked over D. carried...


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