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look up:仰望;查阅;尊敬;拜访 短语 look sth up 查找 ; 查字典 ; 查寻 look it up in 看它在 ; 翻看 ; 在中查找 symbolic look-up 符号查找 扩展资料1、More of our children should be able to look up at night and see that the Milky Way is not just


look up 仰望;查阅;尊敬;拜访 Look up an old friend.拜访一个老朋友 When he looked up, he saw the boss.他抬起头时看到了老板.The national economy is beginning to look up.国民经济正在开始好转.Look up the time of the next train in the timetable 查一下火车时刻表中下一趟车的时间 We can look up the word in the dictionary 我们可以在字典里查这个字.

look up 中文释义:查找;查阅;探望;看望 英文发音:['lkp] 例句:Many people have to look up the meaning of this word in the dictionary.这个词的意思很多人都要查字典才知道.【词汇解析】 look 英文发音:[lk] 中文释义:v. 看;瞧;

look upv.向上看, 尊敬, 仰望, 查寻, 拜访, 好转,查阅(字典)


你好,look up 有以下意思 仰望; 查阅; 尊敬; 拜访

Look up 是什么意思? 向上看.

look up 英[luk p] 美[lk p] [词典] 查找; 向上看; 改善; 拜访(某人); [例句]I looked your address up in the personnel file 我在人事档案里找到了你的地址.


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