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My favorite athlete He is a German,his name is Michael Ballack,a wonderful soccer player. He works in the Chelsea Football Club of the Primier League,England.He has a strong body,with the height of 189cm,and strength.He is good at passing the

My favourite athleteMy favorite sports star is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is a famous basketball star in NBA.I started to adore him when I was a student. My father was a basketball fan and he enjoyed watching the NBA on TV, so we used to

my favorite athlete is deng ya ping. she's one of the most famous table tennis player in china. she has won many world champions. she trained very hard to become number one. as the old saying goes, "god helps those who help themselves". in

my favorite ball game is football ,I only pay attention to these stars who are fooball players.and I love Messy who is the No10 of The Barcelona Team.He was born in Argentina,and grows up in Spanish.He is 23 years old now ,he looks short ,but I think

My Favorite AthleteMy favorite Athlete is ZhangYining,because her is our countr"s table-tennist,is very good .This Olmpic she own the goldern-middles for our country,so I like she very much.

Basketball is my favourite sport.My favourite star is YaoMing.He is a great basketball player.YaoMing was born in Shanghai, China.His parents both played for Chinese National Teams.He is the tallest basketball player in the NBA.He went to

My favourite AthleteLiu Xiang is my favourite athelete. Liu Xiang was borned in Shanghai on 31st of July, 1983. His height is 189 centimeters and he is a professional athlete. He has won many international prize for China.Liu Xiang's hobby is

Swimming is my favorite sport. I go swimming with my good friends every day in summer holidays. It is good for our health , meanwhile it can make us grow quickly . All of us like swimming in the swimming pool but sometimes we go to the river and

The sport of basketball is known as a fun past time for any person young or old. Basketball is a great way of exercise and a great way to have fun with friends and possibly make some new ones. I love to watch and play the game, basketball is a very

My Favourite Sport Everyone in this world has their own favorite sport,so do I.My favorite sport is football.I often play football with my friends.I like football because it is exciting

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