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实义动词:I need your help . 我需要你的帮忙.情态动词:You need do this. 你没必要这么做.need to do sth里是行为动词,后加不定式. need do sth里是情态动词,后面直接加动词原形.

need sth to do 需要某物做某事 I need some money to buy clothes .我需要一些钱买衣服 .

1 He desperately needed money2 I need to make a phone call.3 I need you to do something for me.4 I need you here, Wally

You need to finish your homework. 你得完成你的作业.I need some fruits to eat. 我需要些水果来吃 Need he go so soon?他这么快就要走吗?The doctor told me I was in need of a good rest. 医生说我需要好好休息 I''ll come when you are in need of help. 在你需要帮助的时候我会来的.希望能采纳,谢谢.

a friend in need is a friend indeed.英文名句,中文意为“患难见真情”.

i need you !我需要你!(很简单吧!)

needneedAHD:[nd] D.J.[ni8d]K.K.[nid]n.(名词)A lack of something required or desirable:需要:对想要或期望的事物的缺乏:crops in need of water; a need for affection.需要水的庄稼;对感情的需要Something required or wanted; a

You needn't copy so many words.Do you need to wear such old clothes?We need to study English harder.This machine needs repairing.This document(文件) needs to be printed at once.

I need a job 记得点好评哈

need i buy something for you?-yes you need-no,you needn`tmay i have the sandwich?-yes you can.(或 may)-no you may not.


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