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onE AnothEr和EACh othEr

each other和one another是有区别的.它们是相互代词.常作动词或介系词的宾语.each other强调两者之间相互的行为,比如:Try to support each other when one of you is feeling down.当有人觉得情绪低落时,要努力相互打气.After sixteen

each other 的范围是两个.两个之中互相 one another 是指一个和另一个,其中“另一个”是指“一个”之外的另一个“一个”

one after another one after the other 这两个词组的词义有差异. On after another的意思是“先后”或“相继”,相当于in succession 或one by one.例: Our factory has concluded with many counterparts in the United States,one after another,

one another和each other都是表示互相、彼此的意思,并没有什么区别,通常情况下二者可以在句子中进行互换.在用法上二者均做代词,不可做主语.如They know each other's (one another's)weak points. 他们都彼此了解对方的缺点. 汉

One another is for more than 2 people; each other is for only two people.Two sisters help each other on their cleaning work.Among the entire team, they helped one another to reach the final goal.Bob

each other 彼此之间,比如我们彼此之间互相照顾等. one another再一个 ,比如你已经喝了一杯饮料了,别人问你还需要一杯吗的时候,你就可以说这个词,表示再来一杯.

one another:一个另一个each other:彼此oneanother一般指三个人或三个人以上,each other是互相,两个人

one another与each other这是两个在词义和用法上极为接近的短语.有些语法家认为:each other只能用于两者之间;one another只能用于两者以上.但是,在现代英语的实际使用中,人们会发现:each other也可用于“两者以上”;one another

each other (两者)互相one another (三者及以上)互相

each other表示彼此,多数是指两个或者双方 ,one another表示三者以上的彼此,同时可以表示“再来一个或者又一个”!

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