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原发布者:miniwinky Tilla'theseasgangdry,mydear, 直到大海干涸水流尽,我亲爱的Andtherocksmeltwi'thesun, 岩石被太阳晒作灰尘O,Iwillluvetheestill,mydear, 哦,我将永远爱你,我亲爱的Whilethesandso'lifeshallrun. 只要我一息尚存

红玫瑰 罗伯特.彭斯 o my luve's like a red,red rose that's newly spring in june:o my luve's like the melodie that's sweetly play'd tune. as fair art thou,my bonnie lass.so deep in luve am i: and i will luve thee still,my dear,till a'the seas gang dry. till a'the

The Poem, “A Red, Red Rose” One of the most famous songs that Robert Burns wrote for this project and first published in 1794 was “A Red, Red Rose.” Burns wrote it as a traditional ballad, four verses of four lines each.“A Red, Red Rose

A Red, Red Rose O my love is like a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June; O my love is like the melody That's sweetly played in tune.The beauty of my love can be compared with a red rose, and the sweet voice and shape of my love are like

:《a red, red rose》.苏格兰伟大的诗人罗伯特伯恩斯,同时也是一位词作者,花了近十年的时间挽救苏格兰传统民歌.他为后人留下了300多首歌曲,其中包括这首《a red, red rose》,也叫做《my love is like a red, red rose》. 这首诗来自苏格兰民间,歌词简单、直接,让人如同置身红玫瑰前面,真切的感受到歌词中洋溢的对爱情的热切.海枯石烂,这样的修饰在不同语言中却有着同样的含义,也许正因为这样质朴的语言,民歌才能流传下来,才能被今人所传唱.

A red red rose 赏析Oh, my love is like a red, red rose,That's newly sprung in June.Oh, my love is like a melody,That's sweetly played in tune.As fair as you, my bonnie lass,So deep in love am I;And I will love you still, my dear,Till all the seas gone dry.

"A Red, Red Rose" is written in four four-line stanzas, or quatrains, consisting of alternating tetrameter and trimeter lines. This means that the first and third lines of each stanza have four stressed syllables, or beats, while the second and fourth

最低0.27元开通文库会员,查看完整内容> 原发布者:执手无涯 “ARed,RedRose”isoneofhisfamoussongsthatRobertBurnswroteinthe“balladmeter”.Inthissong,heexpressedhisdeeplovetowardshisloverJeanArmour.

Structure:1.Stanza 1:compare his sweet heart as a red rose and sweet music.2.Stanza 2-3 :swear that he will love her for ever,and assure that he will never change his heart.3.

:《A Red, Red Rose》.苏格兰伟大的诗人罗伯特伯恩斯,同时来也是一位词作者,花了近十年的时间挽救苏格兰自传统民歌.他为后人留下了300多首歌曲,其中包括这首《A Red, Red Rose》,也叫做《My Love is Like A Red, Red Rose》. 这首诗来自苏格兰民间,歌词简单、直接,让人如同置身红玫瑰前百面,真切的感受到歌词中洋溢的对爱情的热切.海枯石烂,这样的修饰在不同语言中却有着同样的含义,也许正因为这度样质朴的语言,民歌才能流传下来,才能被今人所传唱.


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