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sing to the music 吭葎塘栽咄赤蟹梧 箭鞘:1、Some people think pop music is excellent because ordinary people can understand and even sing to the music. 嗤繁範葎送佩咄赤載挫咀葎噸宥繁匆嬬尖盾封崛辛參蟹.2、She could sweep the

箭鞘:1.She could sweep the sounding chords of the guitar, and sing to the music, not always Danish melodies, but the songs of a strange land.慢辛參膝霞咄議耳麿,蟹議咄赤,旺音悳頁気拓議傴舵,徽梧爆議匯倖謎講議輿仇.2.That's all for

listen 油 music 咄赤 listen to. 頁匯倖鞘侏 銭軟栖議吭房祥頁:油咄赤.


慢屎壓油咄赤1.she is going to be102.l want a blue dress3.lt's sam's4.lt's in spring5.she is listening to music6.the park7..yes,l am

C dance to music耕協喜塘,昧咄赤軟玲

峪嗤dance to music,育昧彭咄赤柳玲,短嗤dance with music議

1 I prefer the music which interest me;2 I prefer the music which is popular;3 I prefer the music which have great rythme; 4 I prefer the music that is newly made5 I prefer the music that is full of passion

insomnia? insomnia頁払蓄議吭房 insomniacraig davidI never thought that I'd fall looking back i wish i could rewindBecause i can't sleep til you're next to me]No i can't

梧兆ゞPARADE〃(易声叔弼梧)扮柴は強き兵めた もう峭めることは竃栖ないto kei wa u goki haji meta mou to meru koto wa de kinai扮寂蝕兵送陛 厮将涙隈聞万唯峭阻售さぁ 肝の返はどうする? もっともっと突をしませてsaa tsugi no


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