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You know when your at home or in school then suddenly you read how watching TV is “Sociologist Robert Putnam in Bowling Alone (2000) reported that in 1950, about 10

Most of sociologist and economist believe that the performance of development is not only in economic area, but also in social and human development field, such as health, medical, education, employment rate and equality. GDP of Mozambique

什么叫虚拟语气我不懂,但是proposed that 后面可以跟很多语法,这里是在套用一个社会学家以前的言论所以用过去式proposed.接着 the society has been consuming是描述他当时的观点认为社会一直在消耗(这行为在他说这句话时是一直在进行的)所以用现在进行式.如果这社会学家在今天再描述当时的情况会变成:A sociologist has proposed that the society had been consuming modern humans during the time in 1970s.

it的用法 (1)it作无人称代词:it作无人称代词表示自然现象、气候、时间、距离等.it是形式主语没有词汇意义.如: 1)It is very cold today.(气候) 2)It is three o'clock.(时间) 3)It is along way from here.(距离) (2)it作人称代词:it作人称

http://www.writetolearn.com/index3.asp 这里面有两篇!an Experiment There is no doubt that it was the most tiring summer holiday in my life. I got a part-time job in a small store. I packed goods, received money, gave back change, everyday, not


the的用法如下:1、用在表示方向,方位的名词前the east 东方;the west 西方;the right 右边;the left 左边注意:方位词成对使用构成平行结构时,不用定冠词.The river is two thousand miles long from east to west.2、用在序数词前定冠词用在


Born into a rich family on November 2 1910 Fei Xiao Tong a famous Chinese sociologist and social activist passed away due to disease in Beijing on April 24 2005. When

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