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wAlk thru FirE歌词

《Walk Thru Fire》是荷兰电音组合Vicetone与Meron Ryan合作的一首单曲.Talk to me 和我谈谈吧 Spill the secrets you've been keeping 向我吐露那深藏于你心底的秘密 Life cuts deep 生活诚然充满坎坷 Let me help pick up the pieces 但请让我


Fire 音译歌词(普头入内) Fire Fire Fire Fire When I wake up in my room 那么都我jei(么都我jei) 嘿嘎几都南湖(湖) 比te内no够jei(比te内我当jei) 当那心枪一咯切搜 切搜 忙hio ki累搜 ki累搜 那马西该 切 那清南该 切 打欧慢几抢livin'like

Last night I'm going down the body's of betrayers That's the bridge to my reborn Under my feet is a river full of blood from the forlorn souls Jailers of false lord That's not the twilight zone or gates to paradise This great wide open door to my illumination

歌曲名:The Unforgettable Fire歌手:U2专辑:The Unforgettable FireArtist: U2Album: The Unforgettable FireTitle: The Unforgettable FireIceYour only rivers run coldThese city lightsThey shine as silver and goldDug from the nightYour eyes as black

Open heart surgery That is what you do to me Cut me up, set me free That is what you do to me Now I'm walking in, walking into fire I'm walking into fire with you I'm walking in, walking into fire When I walk, into you I'm walking in, walking into fire I'm

Give me your secretsBring me a signGive me a reasonTo walk the fireSee another dawnThrough our daughters eyesYou give me a reasonTo walk the fire 告诉我你的秘密,给我一个暗示,让我有理由为你赴汤蹈火.见到又一个黎明,透过我们女儿的眼睛,你给了我一个为你赴汤蹈火的理由.

When I''''m in Berlin you''''re off to LondonWhen I''''m in New York you''''re doing Rome All those crazy nights we spend together As voices on the phone Wishing we could be more telepathic Tired of the nights I sleep alone Wishing we could redirect

歌曲名:Through The Fire 歌手:Donald Lawrence & Company 专辑:Yrm (Your Righteous Mind) Walk in the flame again,I'll be there to hold your hand,Keeping you safe until the end And when the flood begins,I'll be there with you to stand,Walking

歌曲名:Firewalk歌手:Beseech专辑:Black EmotionsFirewalkBeseechBlack EmotionsFirewalkerbeseechendlessleepLate at night while you're asleepI come for you my dearI would like to show you how, how to firewalkYou should know how I feelI


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