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wE rE怎么造句

We are friends 我们是朋友 We are very happy 我们 很幸福 We are students 我们是学生

we are 望采纳

we are children.我们是孩子.we are all kind to you. 我们对你们都很友好.

We're going to have a holiday in AustraliaWe're going to finish all the work in a short while.We're going to have a nice meal at the restaurant.We're going to try Mrs. Smith's cooking tomorrow.We're going to get married in a church next week.We're

celebrateKK: []DJ: []vt.1. 庆祝We held a party to celebrate our success.我们举行宴会庆祝我们的成功.2. 举行(宗教仪式);主持(圣餐等)3. 颂扬,赞美The event was celebrated by poets and historians.这一事件为诗人和历史学家所赞颂.vi.1. 庆祝,过节Today is his birthday, so we're going to celebrate.今天是他的生日,所以我们要庆祝一下.2. 举行宗教仪式3. 【口】欢乐以上结果由 Dr.eye译典通字典 提供


简单:We are learning English .复杂:We are learning how to swim.


英 [w(r)] 美 [wr] 你可以使用有道翻译听发音,两种发音有细微的差别

we're [w(r)]

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