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in比较倾向于描述某人所处的状态,with的一般都是用来描述某人在做某事时的状态,比如stare at sb with anger

in 你可以理解为现在进行时,she is in anger now.她现在还在生气呢.with就和中文的理解一样,他面带微笑和我说,he talks to me with launghing

in anger表示现在正生气着呢,with anger表示在做某事情的时候生气了.



Suggestion1. Draw an iceberg on a piece of paper like the example below. Label the tip: "anger."2. Think about a situation in which you felt angry.3. Write what you did with your anger in the space above the water line.4. See the "Taking Action

frustration在合同法中是失败的意思.frustration 英[frstren] 美[frstren] n. 挫折; 挫败; 失意; 失败; [例句]1、Frustration, anger and desperation have led to a series of wildcat strikes.挫败感、愤怒和绝望引起了一系列自发性的

pale with pain 疼痛得脸色苍白 如: The old man sat down, his face pale with pain. 老人坐下了,他的脸由于疼痛而苍白. pale with anger 气的脸色发白 如: His complexion became pale with anger, and the disturbance of his mind was visible in every feature. 他气得脸色铁青,从五官的每一个部位都看得出他内心的烦恼.


burn with anger 英[b:n wi ] 美[bn w ] [词典] 怒火中烧;勃然大怒;冒火; [例句]A hungry person can burn with anger, but like a fire fed on paper, it doesn't last long.肚子饿的人会发火,不过这火像纸头烧起来的,不会耐久.


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