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would 英[wd] 美[wd] aux. 将,将要;愿意;会,打算;大概 v. (will 的过去式,用于转述)将 [例句]1.How much would you pay? 你能为此付出多少?2.I would do that today. 今天我就会这么做.3.Why would consumers pay more? 消费者为什么要支付更多费用?4.I would emphasise three criteria. 我想强调三条标准.5.Would you like to work here? 你愿意在这里工作吗?

would v.aux. (will 的过去式) [表示过去将来时, 用于第二、三人称](第一人称英国用 should, 美国用 would) 将, 会 he said he would come.他说他要来.[表示意愿]愿; 偏要, 肯 he would eat nothing.他不肯吃东西; 他什么也不愿吃.i told him

would发音见音标. would 英[wd] 美[wd] aux. 愿意; 将,将要; 会,打算; 大概; v. (will 的过去式,用于转述) 将; [例句]no one believed he would actually kill himself 没有人相信他真的会自杀. ordinarily it would be fun to be taken to


英 [wd] 美 [wd].would(Britain):[wud] would(US):[wud]释义:在陈述语气中,表示过去将来时,表示有意识的行动或意志,常用于间接引语中)将;要;偏要;愿.用法:1.will的过去式.例:They said it would be fine.听说天气会很好.(it will


would英 [wd] 美 [wd] aux.愿意;将,将要;会,打算;大概v.(will 的过去式,用于转述)将

will: [ wil ] would [wυd] I'll: [ ai,l ] I'd [aid] 已注音标,建议按照音标读,或去http://dict.cn/打上单词,点击单词旁的小喇叭,就能听到标准发音

音标;【wd】 读成:物的


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